Our Vision for Freedom Farm

       by Co-Founders Adit Romano and Ben Ari

Freedom Farm Sanctuary is a new Israeli enterprise based on similar models around the world. The sanctuary was created out of a vision shared by hundreds of thousands in Israel, who aspire to make a significant change in the attitude of human beings towards other earthly creations, who dream that one day we will be able to view animals as creatures entitled to lives of freedom, with whom we can live side by side harmoniously without hurting, abusing or exploiting them, and without taking their flesh, their liberty, and their souls.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary is working towards expanding the circle of compassion towards animals. The Sanctuary’s most fundamental motivation is love of humans and recognition of the inherent good in each and every one of us.

We are all born full of feelings towards all creatures, but over the years, our feelings numb. Most of us become surrounded by walls of repression or oblivion, and we are drawn into an alienated culture of instant satisfaction that has reprogrammed us, to distinguish and discriminate between souls: to pet and groom one, and consume the other.

Our innate understanding has weakened; our knowledge dissolved. Freedom Farm Sanctuary will reunite us with the path of our hearts – activating all five senses to teach us once again, to choose the good.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary believes that knowledge is power, and therefore we are all privileged and obligated to make our choices out of a thorough examination that will bring new insights – even those that may change us – but these are still better than those relying on convenient and offensive habits of denial.

Anyone entering the Sanctuary will not leave the same; nor will they remain indifferent.

We shall willingly release ourselves from old and unnecessary habits, to replace them with renewed values. We shall flex the muscle of compassion; one existing in all of us: for us, and for them.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary‘s mission and vision is to create a change of consciousness, in the way humans view the earth, animals, and, just as importantly – themselves.

Animals in industrial farms are removed at a distance from us, from our homes, and from our consciousness. We have been educated to desensitize our emotions towards them so that we will be able to continue doing as we please. The cows, the pigs, the sheep, the goats, the chickens, the ducks, and the geese are all concealed, at a distance from our eyes and away from our hearts.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary aspires to bring closer to home the similarities between human consciousness and that of animals, with all the natural similarities and differences between them and us.

We encounter them in supermarkets, wrapped in Styrofoam and shrink-wrap, far from their original form and identity, and have no way of looking in their eyes and sympathizing with their pain.

This proximity will give us all a new, exciting, and intriguing viewpoint on their sophisticated social structures, their basic needs and even their desires and pain, their characters and forgotten feelings. It will remind us that each and every one of them is a unique and special being.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary aspires to remove the ubiquitous and arbitrary distinction between ‘farm animals’ and ‘pets’, out of the holistic belief that respects the holy trinity of man/nature/animal, in an organic and fluctuating integration that empowers each component of the triangle.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle that avoids exploitation of animals, beyond being a moral choice, is also an unprecedented contribution to the welfare of the earth itself, which has also been severely damaged by humanity’s crude footprint. The future of our grandchildren is in our hands: prevention of global hunger and extinction of thousands of species is now more possible than ever, and the time to make the change is right now.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle also contributes to physical health, and it is able to prevent the sicknesses of modern culture caused by destructive nutrition that is ill-fitted to our biological needs (causing diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty blood, cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, and more).

Over the past few years, Israel has become an empire of veganism, growing continuously. It’s only natural for us to nurture values of love and generosity, compassion and acceptance of the other.

We hope to be able to raise future generations that are kinder, more moral, seeking justice, whose heart is open to giving and to empathy with the pain of the other. We were all born this way; it’s only reality that has dulled the purity of our thoughts, hardened our hearts, thickened our skins and made us forget our most innate essence.

Putting it most simply, Freedom Farm Sanctuary wishes to take us back to what we were.